Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Circle of Quiet"


"When my world becomes chaotic...I go to my circle of quiet." A circle of quiet can be different things to different people. But whether it's taking a walk, riding a bike, or sitting on the patio, and perhaps praying, we all need these "recharge zones". Find your circle of quiet and lower the stress levels in your life.

This is another piece beginning with a mono print on rice paper. And because rice paper can be fragile when wet, it is best to apply the gel matte medium to the support rather than the paper.  Black, white, and red is a powerful color combination that works every time it's tried. So if you're every in a quandary about color choices, this is one you can do and be relatively sure it will come together for you.

When I was contemplating what to do this morning, I found myself identifying with the gestural and chaotic marks in this print. So it continues to amaze me how my daily posting generally reflects what I am personally experiencing. And right now there is a lot of chaos around me, but I have found my circle of quiet and all is well.

The circle was created by sitting a bottle of ink into a puddle of FW Ink that I poured on my glass surface. It made the unexpected erratic circle I was looking for. So if you ever need a circle print, just look around at the bottles in your studio. You are sure to find one that will work. When working with ink, however, you must spray with acrylic coating at least (3x) and dry thoroughly in between. Most inks contain shellac so it does take a longer time to dry. You can then be reassured that the bottle print will not smudge when you prepare your surface for lettering, stamping, etc. So there you have it. Just a few more things to think about.

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