Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"Feather My Nest"

(unavailable....6" x 4"......on 300 lb. CP)

"Feather my nest and my art with neutrals." Even when brighter colors are used, the neutrals are what make them the star attraction. A world without neutrals would be too intense for a peaceful environment.

The inspiration for today's abstract watercolor was a feather. It involves using the same glazing techniques as mentioned in previous postings.

Two very important pigments to have in your watercolor box are Neutral Tint and Sepia. These two particular colors were the primary voice in this small piece. They are Daniel Smith brand. When the Sepia was mixed with a bit of Hansa Yellow and a touch of Alizarin Crimson, a golden yellow emerged.

This piece began by sponging both sides of the paper (300 lb. CP...Fabriano) with water and squeezing out the sponge to remove excess water. The golden yellow pigment was charged into the area where the feather was painted. Of course, I did something else while this dried and after a bit...finished drying with a hair dryer.

The glazing began with a light sepia over the entire feather. After that glaze was dried the other shapes were painted in, going from light to dark. I then added a bit of interest in the opposing corners. It came out a bit too dark so after drying it completely, I took a stiff bristled brush dipped in water and scrubbed most of the pigment off...blotting with a kleenex.

While the paper was damp, I charged in the dots with a concentrated amount of sepia and neutral tint. Finally, I glazed over the negative space with a very dilute portion of the yellow mixture. And there you have it...just a few more things to think about.

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