Thursday, October 3, 2013

"Poetic Collections" Exhibit

You and your family and friends are cordially invited to a spectacular Opening Reception tomorrow evening at Hill Country Bible Church of Austin. The image you see today is a portion of the final glass and steel piece. In recent postings you have seen the evolution of the creative process for this piece. It is only one of many glass pieces in this exhibit. (Check out the details at (

We also have our first installation of (3) floating pieces of glass work. (Glass installed directly on the wall without a frame or any other device.)

Another unique and beautiful creation is a glass birdbath with a iron base that is breathtaking!

There is also have a miniature book collection as well as a 9ft. scroll. This special scroll is an interactive piece of art where the viewer gets to be the scribe.

There is an entire panel of (8) black and white photography pieces. One of the pieces actually hung in the Austin City Hall for a year.

We have (5) beautiful oil still life pieces created by Shirley Gipson who will be published in Southwest Art Magazine in Nov. or Dec. as an upcoming still life artist to watch.

There is a glass piece of a tree branch filled with butterflies which is entirely made of glass.

One of our sculptors has created a (30") high contemporary sculpture out of limestone that looks and feels like marble.

Another sculptor has created a bronze showing the inside of a monastery.

There is another glass piece with a writing pen included in a mosaic which looks like its in flight. It is amazing!

There are at least (20) small to medium sized works and my glass piece which all have lettering.

And there you have it.....a whetting of the visual appetite to come out and see an array of 200 pieces of art, enjoy some fabulous cake from the Cake Plate.....and visit with other like minded artists. See you tomorrow evening from 7:00 - 9:00 PM.

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