Sunday, September 16, 2012



"The hallmark of our lives is framed by our desires." A hallmark is a distinctive mark generally associated with excellence. The only way this can ever happen is to pay attention and act upon our desires. Desires tell us how we're wired and fuel the passion to do what we need to do.

Ever so often, I like to talk about process and what I have learned in 560 postings. The only way this can be done on a daily basis is to have a good schedule and have your studio well organized. To complete a small piece like this 4" x 6" takes approximately (3) hours. In the very beginning, it took about (4) hours so I am making process.  Whether or not people view my blog is not as important to me as having this daily warm up.  It keeps me thinking and acting on my design thoughts and lettering every single day.

The background is completed or almost completed the night before. I prefer to have an overnight drying time for most things and it is absolutely essential for pouring medium pieces. My quotes are not selected in advance. I respond to whatever imagery I've felt passionate enough to create. For instance, in this piece, I selected an ornate capital "H" without knowing that the quote today would be called "Hallmark". In the beginning, I came up with the quote first and the pieces took me a lot longer and didn't always come together as well as they do now.

My day begins at 5:00 or 5:30 and my posting is almost always done by 8:00. That gives me a bit of time for coffee, reading and thinking for about 30 min. before adding in other last minute details and writing the quote. If I leave town, I work ahead and have everything on my desk top before I leave. It is then just a matter of writing the commentary and posting each day.

Hope this helps you better understand what is involved with blogging. It is not for everyone, but working everyday on your artwork is the only way to grow. So whatever you decide to do, maintain a consistent schedule and keep everything in the same place. And there you have it...just a few more things to think about.

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