Saturday, October 20, 2012

"Vivid Color"


"Vivid color pierces the eye with its intensity." Color has more power than all the other design elements. It's like a visual "sugar shock" to the senses.

It's been days and even weeks since I've created a pouring medium piece, but I have been wanting to experiment with a more controlled version of doing the pour. In this piece, I taped a segment of 140lb HP to a masonite board with gummed tape that is used for taping down paper for watercolor painting.  (Available at most art stores.)  So the first step is to cut the gummed tape so you have a segment to completely tape down each side. Using a wet sponge, wet both sides of the paper and lay it on the masonite board. Run the wet sponge down the gummed side of each segment of the paper tape (one at a time) and tape down the paper. Let this dry overnight. 

The next day, take a wet sponge and go over the 140lb HP until it's thoroughly saturated. You can then pour your Fluid Acrylics that have been mixed with Liquitex Pouring Medium across your paper from edge to edge. (Don't forget to wear latex gloves.) 

The beauty of this method is that the paper stays flat and does not create a ripple that can cause the color to pool in one spot. In this piece, I picked up the board and let the color flow in one direction only and then left it to dry overnight. 

It was completely flat the following day. So if you've had fun with this technique in the past, you might want to try this much more controlled method. And there you have it...just a few more things to think about.

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  1. Wow those are gorgeous colors together! Always enjoy reading your process too.