Saturday, November 12, 2011

"The Art of Giving" (sold)


"Thankfulness inspires the art of giving." With Thanksgiving just around the corner, my thoughts naturally go to being thankful for God's provision in my own life. Sharing and giving to others is the path to a happy life. It feels good to share.

There are several things that give a piece energy. Making erratic lines and very quick writing with pen or pencil is one way. Trying to add these kinds of things after the piece is cropped and you know the concept never produces the same spontaneity. One of the reasons is that this first layer of marks and words is then covered over and partially hidden by gesso and paint. But there is another part of this that can add another dynamic. By not making the erratic marks too straight, but introducing diagonals results in more energy. If you have trouble doing this spontaneously, then look out the window and make marks without looking at the paper.

Writing a word in gesso that is right out of the jar without diluting is another one. The word can be readable or unreadable, but writing it with a stylus very quickly while the gesso is wet will yield some very nice texture. After it dries and the paint is applied, it has a way of "pooling" into those inscribed areas quite nicely. Just something to try or think about.

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