Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Deep Thinking" ($40.00)

($40.00.......mounted on a 1/8"depth clayboard panel)

"Deep thinking simmers in an atmosphere of peace and quiet." A state of peace and quiet needs to be pursued with intentionality in an age of continuous audio input. It is worth the effort and actually enables the deep thinker to make wiser decisions.

This kind of quote is best illustrated with colors that are less intense and "in your face". The Cobalt Turquoise (Golden) was diluted or grayed down with a bit of Raw Umber and White. The yellow is Raw Sienna plus White. (Raw Sienna is already a grayed down yellow.)  The dark, black looking color is both Turquoise and Raw Sienna plus Raw Umber mixed together with no white added. This is a Pouring Medium technique which gives a dense application of the paint with no brush strokes or interference of any other tools in the paint. That's why it's called a Pouring Medium.  (It is added to the paint in a paper plate.)

I added no water to the medium and color, but did soak the paper by submerging in a pan of water. If the pouring medium is not moving enough when you do the pour, spray with water. Manipulate the pour by picking up the paper in the corners and letting the color run. When you are satisfied, lay the paper flat on wax paper and allow to dry overnight. The only time you will be able to use a hair dryer is at the very end of the process if there are wet areas.  I have experimented with placing the medium + color into plastic bottles with a tip.  Paper plates (foam type) are still the best method in my opinion.

The reason I am recounting this process again is the teacher in me. None of us retains all of the details of a process without repetition. You will also notice that I left part of the paper untouched by the pouring medium. There was of course, a little "bleed" from the dark color, but that not only provides contrast, but gives an easier surface to letter on. Just something to try or think about.

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