Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Angel Wings"


"Angel wings receded into the clouds, but not until the call for protection was completed." I've never seen an angel, at least in the image that is depicted by artists, but I have felt the brush of angel's wings and their divine protection. Our prayers are answered for ourselves and others in many ways. These divine messengers from God are just one way.

Pouring medium has come back on the scene, although I will probably mix it up a lot with glass works and mixed media.

Pouring medium isn't particularly difficult to do, unless you keep moving it and thinking you will make it better by running a particular tool (like a toothpick, comb, or other tool) through it just one more time. The truth is...the more you manipulate it, the worse it gets. After laying down the color for this piece, I made ONE gestural stroke with a fine tooth comb through all the colors and that was it! I then set it aside to dry until this morning. And that's the secret of pouring medium. It sounds so simple, but I have now taught this (3x) and the number one problem is that everyone in the class continues to want to manipulate the outcome. The outcome can only be controlled up to a point and then it does its own thing. It's a spontaneous process.

It does help to pick a light, medium, and dark color. And it is also mandatory to have the paper very wet. The color will stop moving and create a very hard edge if it is not thoroughly wet. If you have done these two things, you will probably have a good success.

With pouring medium pieces in particular, I always wait until it is dry and then I study it from across the room to see where the piece is taking me. This particular piece has a lot of iridescent bronze (Golden) and part of that color veered off of the page and created a shape that looked like an angel wing to me. I added a few lines and then came the quote. I chose to do copperplate because it has a heavier weight, but this surface is difficult for creating a downstroke with pressure so I wrote it on another paper and printed it on silk tissue paper. And there you have it...a few more things to think about.

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