Sunday, July 22, 2012



"Salutis to all my art friends." The word "salutis" means "greetings". I am with a lot of art friends in Houston and had a fabulous time! Art friends always know what you're talking about and want to come along beside you and be creative.

This is another 5" x 5" and I was happy to discover that the pouring medium shape touched (3) sides of the design space after being cropped. I had already stamped the paper with a commercial stamp and acrylic paint on blank 140 lb. HP before doing the pour. It was important to use acrylic paint to do this. If I had used something water soluble which would then need to be sprayed with acrylic coating, it might have created a resist when doing this pour.

The actual word "Salutis" is a word printed on silk tissue paper and then adhered to the support by brushing on gel matte to the actual piece and then carefully placing the tissue paper into the medium. Several people yesterday wanted to know how to print something as thin as tissue paper using an ink jet printer. If you just think about this carefully, it is quite easy. You must first make a copy of your selected image on regular copy paper and watch how it exits the printer. Then you would cut a small piece of tissue paper to cover only the portion you want to print and tape it to this copy paper with removable tape. You would then run it back through your printer in the very same way it went through the first time. Spray your print with Krylon Acrylic Spray Coating...dry with a hair dryer...remove the tape and adhere the print.

My choice of placement for this one piece of collage was simple. When in doubt...go for the corner. Corners should be one of your main design decisions because it locks the viewer into your space visually. Things that are floating out in the middle somewhere with no connecting color or line to the edge will lose the visual communication you are desiring. By finishing off the quote clear to the edge, I was able to bring stability to all the motion of the pouring medium and create another shape by going from edge to edge. And there you have it...just a few more things to think about.

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