Monday, July 16, 2012

"Into the Soul" (sold)


"Write it down and the words will seep into your soul." To be a lettering artist in this day and age, you must be thoroughly convinced that writing something down is infinitely better than selecting a font and typing the letters in the correct sequence. Writing, to me, is the equivalent of inscribing the words deep within my heart. It simply is not the same as typing on a keyboard.

This is a pouring medium piece with a different twist. Yesterday and today I have stamped repetitive imagery on the page to create an underlying rhythm to the piece. In this case I simply mixed up some acrylic paint, adding a touch of water and sat a glass bottle into the paint and then onto damp paper. The bottle was wiped and the image repeated across the larger sheet I was working on. My theory is that a mass of moving color that happens with pouring medium can become much stronger and more dramatic if there is a repetitive "motif" such as a repeated shape. It's a stabilizer to the work. And by doing the stamping first, you can achieve some interesting color effects as the moving color glides over the image and settles more heavily in one place or the other.

It visually works well with my quote since the color appears to be "seeping" into the stamped imagery. The approach is worth a try and works best if you use a very simple repeat. If you use a very detailed stamp more than once, it might look very contrived which will defeat the purpose of the repeat.

I will be creating pouring medium pieces all week and varying the sequence of layers and techniques. Stay tuned! And there you have it...just a few more things to think about.

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