Thursday, November 1, 2012

"Point of View"

(unavailable....water soluble oils)

"Point of view determines what you see." Not only is this true in art, but it is true in life. A particular point of view about anything will determine outcome.

My experimenting rages on...literally...and I am once again reminded that paintings are made of shapes. It is good to remember this when taking photos as well. Look for contrasts and shapes to get some photographs you can actually use as a reference. In this piece, I probably could have done a better job of visually showing that this barn and foreground tree are at the foot of a hill of green grass with no blue sky showing. So one of the things I learned is that I might want to include blue sky in the photo for a more convincing piece.

However, I am satisfied with the fact that all four corners are designed. And the lettering is inscribed vertically along the right hand side without interfering with the image. I did do an under painting of a "grayed down" orange with acrylic paint before beginning. Hopefully, you will soon see more abstracted landscapes with more lettering included in the background. I plan to have a departure from this to an even more abbreviated image with some of my mixed media techniques also included.

My plan is to do what I know will work over time. And what I know works is that anyone who has a very strong desire to learn something can definitely do it if there is a desire to stay in the game and learn how to be very observant. I am now convinced that the skill of keen observation is foundational to learning art. And there you have it...just a few more things to think about.

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  1. You know what I see? and this happens often, that our viewers see things we as the artist did not plan and did not see ourselves. What I thought this was: branches overhanging a moving river -- possibly the San Gabriel in Georgetown-- and the shape bottom right is part of a bridge! The old bridge in the park there loookslike this. We should have a plein air outing there sometime. I love this piece a lot! I have tried to paint such a scene, with a girl sitting on the bank under the overhanging branches watching her dog in the river. Watercolor.