Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Special Perch"

($40.00.....6" x 6"....Water Soluble Oils on Gessobord)

"Everybody has a special perch." If everyone followed their heart and stayed in their own "lane" (as in a race around the track), each person would discover their very own perch. It's like a fingerprint. No two people have the same one.

Rather than commenting on the particulars of my posting today, I would rather talk about something near and dear to my heart which inspired today's quote.

It is very true that we all receive inspiration from other artists and often long to paint like someone else or do lettering like someone else. And this is the big lie...no one can create the same thing you create and you can't create what someone else creates. We truly are that individual and have our own habitual marks, brush strokes, ways of seeing that no one else has. 

So much frustration could be avoided if each artist found their own expression and then did that particular thing with their whole heart. The world would be a better place and there would be no more habitual comparison that kills the art spirit quicker than ice water in the face. This doesn't mean that you can't learn from other artist's work and even attempt to master a technique you might like in their work, but eventually it all boils down to arranging your schedule so there is time everyday to create your own work and if you can manage some consistency....something "magical" happens. 

Your own work will grow and evolve and it will be your work...and your work alone. What an extraordinary thing to discover. And there is one more secret. No matter how excited you might be to try a particular style and go in that direction for the rest of your life, there will still be days when you find it difficult to pursue and that difficulty arises out of fear. It is the fear that you will be unable to create what you feel in your heart and that somehow you don't have what it takes. 

This is also a lie and the only way to overcome these feelings is to ignore them and go to your studio and create. And there you have it...just a few more things to think about. 

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