Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Gracias" (draft 1)

(draft 1)

Today's posting represents the underneath layer of a new color block piece. You can see that all of the colors are muted except for one large strip of bright green.  (It's much brighter in the original.)  The quote has not been written, but will appear in the final.

After creating several color block pieces, I have learned to paint the underneath layer to all of the pieces in one "fell swoop". It saves time. It also helps me to choose my colors and see how they work together. I am pleased with the color choices and this is an experiment in using all diluted colors except for one. And that one color is a WN acrylic called Green Middle. It was on sale. I cannot possibly imagine me buying such a peculiar color at this point, but it will be the star of the show in this piece.

These painted papers will need to dry all day and tomorrow morning I will apply the top coat and reveal part of the undercoat by using a sgraffito technique. I haven't determined the size yet, but an 11" x 14" is coming to mind. That decision will need to be made today so I can paint the cradled board with dark green. (It almost looks black, but it is actually a mixture of the bright green color plus black.) You cannot see the bronze effect on the computer, but the strip that is second from the end on the right is a Daniel Smith acrylic called Duochrome Desert Bronze. It has a green and bronze look and will add an iridescence to the piece.

Most of the decisions at this stage of the game are minimal, but that will step up dramatically by tomorrow. Some other directions for this type of grid design could also apply to photography or old book elements (especially the covers).

It is an inspiring way to work and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes experimentation. And there you have it...just a few more things to think about. (Clicking onto the label called "color blocks" will bring up other pieces I've already completed.)

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