Friday, July 12, 2013

"Cathedrals" (draft 3)

"Cathedrals in all their grandeur cannot compare to the cathedral of the heart." Hearing the sounds of a choir singing upon entering a cathedral is a rare and beautiful moment, but the cathedral of the heart is a place one can visit at any time.

It isn't finished yet, but I am almost there. This piece has now been cropped to an 11" x 14" and all of the edges, lines, and shapes have been adjusted to my satisfaction. It is time to stop this part of the process and move to the lettering. My thought this morning was to bring more of the dark area into the white shapes and vice versa. I did this with line work...removing more paint with alcohol and a brayer...and by adding gold gouache and black charcoal powder.

Holbein manufactures an Acryl Gouache called Gold Orange that has a vintage quality that is perfect for these types of pieces. I applied the gold with a brush in select areas of the cathedrals. It was too even and solid so I used alcohol and a stiff brush to remove and disperse the paint. After drying, I added black charcoal powder right over the gold and other areas of the cathedrals.

You can also compare with the previous posting and tell exactly where I added more line work and a bit more lettering. I am now satisfied that there are definite shapes with a variety of edges and line work that are having a conversation with each other.  Tomorrow, I will add the lettering and post the final.

While this mixed media piece has been in process, I have also been doing some palette knife painting in oils and very pleased to have another creative area to express my voice. It's all very exciting, but if you find it overwhelming to think about too many processes at once, I strongly encourage you to focus on the techniques that can be combined to express your deepest longings in one area.  It's all a win-win and very healing to the soul. And there you have it...just a few more things to think about.

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