Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"Color Personality"


"Blue and yellow have a joyous color personality." The infinite variety of color combinations can create all kinds of moods and personalities. Just choosing what colors to wear can influence the way you feel and move through your day.

My long standing advice about color selection for anyone who does not know what colors to choose is this..."Black and white plus one or two other colors works every time it's tried." The important thing is to vary the percentage of space that the colors occupy.

Often, when creating pouring medium pieces or any other spontaneous techniques, the color does not always land where you want. That was the case in this piece. The lower left hand corner was white after being cropped from a larger sheet. And I felt like it needed a bit of a power punch and a smaller echo of the blue and yellow so I made a color copy on silk tissue paper of a portion of my parent sheet of this pour. After it was adhered in place, it was totally integrated into the piece and provided the color echo and alternating effect I was looking for. I will freely admit that this works well if you are adhering the extra bit on top of a white or extremely light area, but will probably not work on top of darker colors.

The creating of most artwork requires this type of "trouble shooting". So it is imperative to gather as many techniques and tools in your toolbox to accomplish this type of thing. Very few pieces simply come together effortlessly. And there you have it...just a few more things to think about.

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