Wednesday, August 8, 2012



"Opportunity unfolds each and every day." There is not a day that doesn't have at least one opportunity. It's up to us to seize the opportunities when they come.

This very dynamic pouring medium piece has two sets of direct complements, but the colors are in tones that are unexpected. The blue and orange are both "grayed down" colors with the blue trending towards gray. The red and green are not your typical red and green. The red is contrasted with a medium to dark turquoise. Black and white plus two sets of direct complements will always deliver a "power punch". The proportions are also a key factor in the way the colors are perceived. They are dynamic because of the shapes and the unequal space they occupy.

It was most fortunate to have the white show up in three areas of unequal proportion and providing the "bling" by punctuating the colors. And, of course, the black is framing the detail of the marbling effect with a large ornate "O" echoing the swirling lines of the other colors. The proportional distribution of the colors into unequal shapes and the "O" fitting so naturally into the black line and then one line of straight lettering is the essence of integration. Everything fits. Nothing needs to be added. Nothing needs to be taken away. There is harmony and contrast. And there you have it...a few more things to think about.  And just so you know....I did another piece this very morning that simply did not work, but I kept trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.  I finally had the good sense enough to move on!  The moral of this story is to keep moving forward!

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