Thursday, August 30, 2012



"Focus and practice equal skill." Another one of my favorite quotes is..."Wishing will not make it so". Only focus and practice will get the job done!

We have all learned that placing the focal point in the middle of the piece is never a good idea unless it is a vignette. The way the pouring medium flowed and the way the piece was cropped made all of the directional lines of the moving color go right to the center. Placing the focal point anywhere else would have been akin to moving the eye of the hurricane to the periphery. (no pun intended!) It would never work because the force of the "pull" of the lines is too great. So in this case...if you can't "lick"'em"....join them.

I hope you can imagine what that central image would have looked like if it were not transparent. It is so much more effective to use transparency whenever possible because it totally marries that image to the background. The viewer is still able to see quite clearly the total movement of the color.

Another reason this works harkens back to the traditional layout of many documents where there is a heading or seal and the lettering right below. Even the dark shape at the bottom acts as a border and conclusion to the piece. And there you have it....just a few more things to think about.

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