Friday, August 10, 2012

"Pass It On!"


"Share what you know and watch yourself grow." This quote is born out of my desire to teach. But even if you've never taught a structured class, each of us has a special gift(s) that needs to be passed on to others. So pass it on what you know!

This is a very compelling color combination. The orange color block is a combination of Pyrrole Orange and Burnt Sienna. The Burnt Sienna knocks down some of the intensity of the orange. The lime green is Green Gold (Golden) undiluted by any other color. And of course, the first layer of this pour was Titanium White over the entire sheet of paper which influenced the gradation of both color blocks and peeks through in various places.

The gestural quality of the black lines running through the orange and green were created with an energetic movement of a toothpick pulling the black out into the other color blocks. Pencil lines showing through the color also give energy with their underlying movement.

One other thing about percentages of color. In this piece, the orange and green are very close in the percentages they occupy with the green having a slight edge. When two color blocks are this close together in their size, the tension in the piece is much greater. It can be reduced by making one of those colors occupy a much greater area than the other. And there you have it...just a few more things to think about.

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