Monday, February 18, 2013


($100.00......6" x 6" Kiln Formed Glass Collage.....presented on a pedastal)

"Nature is fully alive." The piece today is a three layer kiln formed glass collage. It is for an upcoming Easter Exhibit called "Fully Alive". You can see part of the word nature written in the glass paint and powders at the bottom and the quote is written with a pumpkin nib using tracing black powder and clove oil.

I admit it. I am totally obsessed with glass right now, along with oil paints, gestural writing, and mixed media with glass. My studio is never a boring place especially when I have an Open Studio day with other artists joining me in a creating frenzy! Those who follow this blog may not know that I am the curator for two galleries at Hill Country Bible Church NW. You can get a glimpse of the main gallery and find many interesting articles along with our calendar of events by checking out our website. ( 

Because of my leadership in this ministry, I have had several Open Studio Events for the artists on that team. We are all in a creating frenzy trying to get our work done before the last week of March.....which is Easter. So many of the things I address in my blog are directly related to what is going on with this group.

In this piece and in all glass pieces formed into a collage, the first step is to prepare Tekta (clear glass) by texturizing it with glassline paint, frits/powders. So what you are looking at in the highly textured lime green areas first began by painting black glassline paint on one side of the glass and letting it dry. Flip it over and paint white glassline paint on the other side, but also allowing some of the black to show through around the edges. Spring Green glass powders were then sifted into the paint and then the word nature was written in this wet paint which also revealed the black underneath. All of these separate glass pieces were fired and then cut and reassembled with other glass to create the three layer collage.

I call glass the original "bling" and raise my glass (pun intended) to give a toast to all of the obsessed glass artists on my team. You're all great!! And there you have it...just a few more things to think about.  

Please contact me personally to inquire about this piece.

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  1. Bravo! I love this piece! The lettering is absolutely perfect for it! Great job!