Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Road Tested" (draft 2)

(draft 2....11" x 14")

In this second draft of "Road Tested", you can see the addition of hand made paper, silver leaf, and a raised inclusion overlaying the silver leaf. The only thing left to do is the lettering.

I created a piece of handmade paper that was dried by laying the wet paper on a texture plate laid on top of a folded towel with a book and a rock on top. It took (2) days to dry. What you are seeing today is a portion of that piece painted with black gesso. I painted it by dabbing it with a sponge brush so as not to tear the paper.

I also cropped the piece to fit an 11" x 14" gessobord panel. At first I had decided to use a glass inclusion, but felt like the silver leaf added a bit of bling and works nicely on top of this "waffle" texture. I sponged on a bit of gel matte medium (straight out of the jar) on select areas and then pressed the silver leaf into the medium. The silver leaf is showing up better on this texture than it would on a flat surface so it is a good technique to use with molded papers.

My inclusion was simply a "cut off" portion from my cropping. I used the rectangular shape as a pattern to cut a piece of 3/8" depth balsa wood. It was cut with a small hack saw and then sanded on the edges. I then painted it with black gesso followed by spray acrylic coating. The mono printed rice paper was then adhered to the balsa wood.

The writing is the only thing left to do. I will write gesturally with a Speedball C-5 nib and Moon Palace Ink, but only after the surface has been sprayed a couple of times with spray acrylic coating and then prepared to receive lettering.

This is a very simple and straight forward approach to using handmade paper as a focal point. There could be many variations on the background. If you want to keep your white or lightly colored paper as is, then you could paint the support black with a few mono printed papers as a support for your handmade paper. And there you have it...just a few more things to think about.

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  1. Just when I thought it was perfect... it got even more perfect! Love the black and white!! ~s