Friday, May 3, 2013

"My Bodyguard"

($80.00.....4" x 6".....Kiln Formed Glass and Mixed Media Mounted on Masonite.... Presented on an Easel)

"Christ is my bodyguard." This quote was inspired by Psalm 18. It was written by King David after God had rescued him from the hands of Saul. It is a Psalm of victory.

This piece was actually created from my "stash". Those who now have their stash of mono printed rice papers and kiln formed glass will appreciate this process. When firing glass, I try to think of sizes, textures, and whatever glass I have on hand to create extra smaller pieces that can be incorporated into mixed media. Such is the case here. It is two layers of glass with spring green powders, glassline paint, and black fine frit used to create the texture and the image of the cross.

However, I was never happy with the piece after firing because the green was too pale. All was resolved, however, when I used a cropped section of yellow green mono printed rice papers to go behind the glass. The first step was to paint a 4" x 6" piece of masonite with white gesso 2x.

I then adhered the mono printed paper onto this support with gel matte medium. I selected a portion of Psalm 18 from an old bible and adhered that on top of the mono printed paper. All of that was dried thoroughly with a hair dryer and sprayed 2x with spray acrylic coating.

I wrote the quote on the glass with a Leonardt Principal nib and tracing black powder plus clove oil. Today I will fire that piece of glass again along with (4) others lined up with the lettering already done....waiting to be fired.

Tomorrow I will adhere this glass on top of the mono printed rice paper with E6000...being careful not to touch or move it for 24 hours. This is just another way rice papers and old book pages can be used. The glass always adds an extra bit of "pizazz" to the piece.

For this type of mixed media...I do think it is best to have a significant amount of transparent glass exposed to reveal the mono print. It all depends out how much you want to reveal. And there you have it...just a few more things to think about.

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