Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Mark Making" (1)

Today's posting is a "take off" on a workshop I recently taught. So many times, it is hard to remember or to come up with ways of texturizing and layering in a piece of artwork. This is one way of organizing your "mark making" techniques as a ready reference while working on your work.

What you are viewing today is (4) samples of mark making on different papers with a hole punched in the upper left hand corner. These notes can then be added to a very large binder ring (available at office supplies) to create a compact and easy reference. They can be stored on a decorative hook in your studio or laid in a basket or bowl. They actually add an artistic flavor to your space.

The data on each of the cards needs to have some key information. The most important info. is the name and description of the paper since different mediums and tools can react differently. The next bit of information is the steps used in making the mark(s) and other descriptive details like....wet or dry paper....diluted or undiluted medium...whether the tool was dipped into the medium...."sloshed" on...etc.

Since all visual arts have a vocabulary, it is good to have notations about your own personal marks so that you can build on your vocabulary. There is a point when three word sentences don't adequately describe what you want to say. This is a good way to increase your sentence structure visually and eventually expand your note taking to describe moods and textures represented. And there you have it...just a few more things to think about.

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