Sunday, September 15, 2013

"Notice" (draft 2)

(draft 2)

Since I explained the quote in the first draft, I will not repeat it again today. The final will be posted tomorrow with the quote written in white to the left of the feather. The values are the biggest change since yesterday.

It is a temptation in watercolor to keep the values on the light side and have that extreme "watercolor" look as in the first posting. However, it is the range of values that brings a piece together. If everything is too much at one end of the gray scale, then the piece falls short of having balanced visual weight. It was a bit scary, but I did (4) separate glazes over the darkest area in this piece...losing one edge with a brush dipped in water.

You can clearly see today that the masking fluid used in the second layer never gets completely lost, even under the darkest areas. In fact, those areas can look luminous after they're glazed with a dark tint. The only area that remained virtually untouched with the exception of one and then another partial glaze is the shape to the right of the feather.

In looking back at some of my earliest work in the first year of blogging, I realized that I habitually like to create shapes using a "plaid" pattern approach. By using different sized brushes and creating bands of color from edge to edge in both directions, many shapes are created...with a range of rectangular shapes.

And this is what it is interesting about every artist. Each one has their own habitual marks that seem to crop up in any style or medium. It might be a fun exercise to look at all of your work together and see what habitual marks keep showing up. It definitely will give you an insight into your own personal voice. And there you have it...just a few more things to think about.

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