Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"The Details"

(unavailable....4" x 6"....Watercolor on Fabriano 300 lb. CP...mounted on masonite)

"Make sure God is in the details." We have all heard the phrase...."The devil's in the details." I would rather look at the quote from a different perspective.

This posting is a cropped section from a watercolor that didn't work out. I brought it to life by using white bleedproof white gouache to "echo" some of the design elements already existing in the piece. By doing that, I was able to write in white to unify the piece. It is another "give away" for the upcoming Opening Reception.

I have been teased relentlessly for the quote I have used on many occasions...especially when anyone asked me what colors to use. My standard reply is that...."black and white plus one or two other colors works every time it's tried." So when you have a crop like the one I chose today and there is already black and color on the piece, the introduction of white will give the entire piece a much needed "value lift". A very good thing to know and do.

Sometimes, beginning artists may not know where to place additional color and this piece is a very good lesson. I already had an image from the first layer of a bottle that was placed in masking fluid and stamped on the paper. It gave the perfect spot to place a stamped image of the same bottle dipped into bleedproof white gouache. (WN brand) The reason I always say bleedproof white rather than other kinds of white is because bleedproof white (comes in a jar) has more covering power. The white dot happened quite spontaneously so I just left it there. The addition of some more erratic lines and the lettering completes the echo effect.

So the "take away" for today is to pay attention to the design elements that are already there rather than introducing different ones. It creates a more integrated and unified effect. And there you have it...just a few more things to think about.

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