Saturday, September 14, 2013

"Notice" (draft 1)

(draft 1)

"Noticing, naming, and writing things down makes them visible in our heart." This quote is a paraphrase from One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. This is a book that will create a paradigm shift in your life. It is all about noticing and naming the everyday things in life as an act of gratitude.

This is the second piece created in watercolor and inspired by kiln formed glass. When transparent glass is layered and then fired...a very rich surface is created. It can be all transparent or a combination of transparency and opacity.

Transparent watercolor is another way to achieve a similar look. For all of my glass fusing is also a way to practice before committing your design to glass. (And a lot cheaper!) This piece began with a monoprint on damp paper. This was allowed to dry naturally so the color could do its thing.

The next step was to lay down some masking fluid. The erratic lines and lettering were created by decanting the masking fluid into a small bottle with a tip. However, the little metal tips that come with those bottles is much too small for the masking fluid to come out of so it is best to just use the bottle without the tip. The quality of the line can be controlled by the speed at which it is applied. After drying the masking fluid with a hair dryer, I applied two glazes...drying in between.

The next part requires more serious thought. I will need to decide how much glazing needs to be done...decide whether to add more words and lines with black ink and a pen...and then decide where to place the actual lettering of the quote. And there you have it...must a few more things to think about.

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