Sunday, December 9, 2012

"Blue Skies"

($40.00....6" x 6"....Water Soluble Oils on Gessobord)

"Blue skies are always welcome." The actual weather forecast is applicable in life as well. My prayer is that the forecast in your life is sunny with fluffy clouds.

I am back in Texas today after painting many paintings inspired by the fall scenes of North Carolina. We are very blessed to have many sunny and bright days in Texas and this is a typical back road hill country scene. It inspired me because of the slight rolling hill and the trees breaking up the meadow in a pleasing way. The diagonals present in some of the "scraggly" trees also helped.

As I have been saying for days now...a body of work will tell you everything you need to know about the direction you take in your work....the images you gravitate to and the habitual marks you make that are uniquely yours.   For instance, I discovered after creating (50) of these small works that I like a lot of foreground interest in my landscapes. To me, it creates depth and a lot more interest. You might be drawn to skies with very little of the horizon showing, or you might like close ups of one particular thing in the landscape. 

But whatever it is, the chances of you learning that are non existent unless you create work on a regular basis. And even after you discover what stirs up your passion to go paint or whatever else you desire to do, you will need to "plow through" the learning curve of really understanding all of the nuances of your particular style and medium. But even though it is a lot of work, take heart that it is one of the most rewarding and exhilarating experiences you can have.

The hardest part is establishing a routine of working on it everyday. And the most important part of that routine is making sure you select a time in your schedule that you have the least chance of being interrupted.  For me, that is early morning.  If you're a night owl, it might be late at night for you. The important thing is to make it a non negotiable in your life so that nothing (except for extreme emergencies) keeps you from getting your work done. It's the only way to progress quickly. And there you have it...just a few more things to think about.

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  1. Wow! Nice job, looks amazing and I love the color!