Friday, January 4, 2013

"Heart of Everything"


"Design is at the heart of everything." This is very true. Just think about that is not well designed can have as much visual overload (clutter) as a piece of artwork.

Mixed media is still a love of mine and so here I am again. The inkwell is a quickly done in pen and ink which was then reduced from 100% to 80% and then printed on silk tissue paper. There are actually two formats involved here. The first one is a grid format created with old text pages and overlays of plain rice paper. The black showing through between the text pages to create the grid is black gesso on 140 lb. HP. 

After this is dry, crop to the desired size...adhere with Gel Matte Med. to masonite or gessobord....lay a piece of wax paper on top followed by a book and then a rock and leave to dry overnight.

This morning I added the mono printed rice papers, the ink drawing, and did a bit of deconstruction. Note that the piece is much more interesting by allowing the previous edge to show. It creates depth and a sense of mystery. 

A new format was created when adding the colored pieces and a drawing. It is wise to gather up all the materials first and then arrange (take a picture), rearrange (take a picture) until you are satisfied you have everything well designed. The second format in this piece is essentially a modified cruciform layout. And there you have it...just a few more things to think about.

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