Saturday, January 26, 2013


(unavailable....6" x 12"........Water Soluble Oils on 300 lb HP)

"Splendid bands of color describe the sky." Even though the sky changes all through the day, horizontal bands of color are the way it is often depicted, especially if the horizon line is included. There are some artists who omit the clouds altogether and paint contemporary landscapes with bands of color. Either way is splendid and brings a calm attitude to any environment. 

This is my third experimental painting of a sky scape. So far, my favorite one was the posting from yesterday. However, the jury is still out since I plan to paint at least three more before making a final judgement on which one to mount for an exhibit. I rather enjoy seeing all three of them together. It enables me to ask myself why I like one over the other and see where I need to improve on the sequence of laying down the paint and improving my technique. This is an optimal way of working that generally has a good outcome as opposed to trying to make a perfect piece with the first try. The important thing is to stay with it and continue practicing your technique of mixing the color and laying down the paint.

Artists from all disciplines often have one piece out of (10) that is exceptional and as long as you're practicing every day that will happen. The theory here is to work on a different piece each time because creative energy tends to dissipate by painting the same thing over and over. No matter which process works for you, the important thing is to do it consistently and passionately. It is unlikely that great pieces result from painting something you have little or no interest in painting.

Another thought is that you might be working in the wrong medium if everything you're doing goes against your "grain" (or the way you're wired). I've know people who created flat work, but everything that came out of their mouth was a passion for dimensional work or sculpture. So pay attention to the materials and techniques that excite you.  Life is short and creating artwork does require effort, but it should also be rewarding.   And there you have it...just a few more things to think about.

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