Wednesday, January 30, 2013


(unavailable.....6" x 6".....Mixed Media on 300 lb HP.....presented in a 4" width custom frame)

"Trust emerges out of faithfulness." It is easy to trust someone who has been faithful to you. This has secular and spiritual applications. In a spiritual sense, it could have said, "Trusting God emerges out of His faithfulness."

This mixed media piece involves several disciplines. There is collage with text pages, design, kiln formed glass, and lettering. Each of these requires a tremendous amount of time, but it's a beautiful thing when they come together in one piece. 

It has long been my desire to combine the transparent and reflective qualities of glass with paper. No easy task. Finally, it has emerged in the way I have envisioned. Those who have been in my mixed media classes will recognize the old text pages, rice paper and slivers of black gesso peeping through. All of this was mounted on 300 lb. HP Watercolor Paper. After completing the collage part, cropping and mounting on a Gessobord....the piece was weighted under wax paper, followed by a book, and then a rock and left to dry overnight.

I did select my piece of glass last night after rummaging through my leftovers of other kiln formed projects. This one was perfect because of the colors, gestural writing and areas that were clear so some of the lettering could show through. I did select particular words and phrases and adhered them in the areas where the clear glass would land. 

The next step was to cut leftovers of my text pieces and cut two sections for the top and two for the bottom to bring the background up to the level of the glass. These sections were adhered with Gel Matte Med. for the text pages and Durobond for the galss. All of this was then weighted down while I practiced my lettering. After (45) min....I sprayed the text page parts of the piece (covering the glass with masking tape) and then prepared those portions for lettering with (2) parts water and (1) part gel matte med. 

The lettering was done with a Speedball C-5 nib and Moon Palace Ink. I then took it outside and photographed the piece and downloaded it on the computer and posted on this blog. And that's how it's done! And there you have it...just a few more things to try or think about.

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