Monday, December 12, 2011

"Pinnacles of Stability"

"Classical form and tradition are the pinnacles of stability." There are seasons of celebration with family, friends, and as a country. They are important as markers of stability both individually and collectively. Just something to think about during the most celebrated holiday of the year.

This is another image from the Biltmore. The largest home in America has some of the most classical architecture I've ever seen. This is part of a bannister and my favorite form in this historic home. I used the same Pouring Medium techniques, but added a bit of collage to celebrate the Christmas season.

When taking photographs, it is good to be thinking about composition. The way you divide the space in a photographic shot will give you a repertoire of images to use when back in the studio. Generally speaking, I like to divide my design space going edge to edge. Zooming in will also offer a stronger focal point. With all the lights and colorful images this time of year, it is exciting to take many pictures and practice your compositional skills in the process.

The lettering in this piece was not the primary focus. It can be read, but the white on white values cause it to merge quietly into the background. But I can assure you that this image will read quite well from across the room. So the decision to allow the lettering to take a lesser role is sometimes the best choice if the image is dominating the space. These are just some things to observe, try, and think about.

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  1. I'm a big fan of classical forms, though you wouldn't know that necessarily from looking at my stuff. This is a wonderfully unique holiday/celebration piece! Would love to visit the Biltmore someday, too.