Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Spirit of Grace" (sold)


"Prayer is the spirit of grace flowing through us." This image from a cathedral in Santa Fe was the perfect background for this prayer quote. My personal prayer is that it will inspire you to pray and meditate on the grace of God today.

When writing on top of a photographic image, I think it is important to use techniques that will help the image recede into the background. Just writing on top of a photograph can often create a conflict of interest between the photo and the lettering. So if you have been captivated by this technique, refer to the late November or early December postings to review the instructions. It is a process that requires several steps of drying in between and finally drying overnight in order to be able to write on the surface.

The lettering I chose for this piece is a very unusual and compressed Spanish versal from the 1st century. I've always been fond of it because it has an "aged" quality and characteristics that are very charming. It was written with a pointed pen and Winsor Newton Bleedproof White. The little dots were fun to do and carried over into the flourishing. Yet another thing to try or think about.

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