Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Roses at Christmas" (sold)


"Roses at Christmas express feelings that cannot be uttered with words." This particular flower has exquisite form, color, and texture. Just one rose can say more than one dozen of another kind. Just try placing one red rose among your decorations and it will add a richness that cannot be achieved by other means which is probably why men tend to choose roses when they want to say what they feel in their heart.

If you are a bit weary of script at this point...never fear. I don't tend to stay on a particular track for too long. Although flourishing may remain through December. That's the beauty of a daily blog, you can go until you tire of something and then switch to something else. It seems to "morph" quite automatically.

Process is the "nuts and bolts" of creating art and any process that creates a climate of growth in your process is worth pursuing. Even taking the techniques or lettering style that you are good with is worth  going back to again and again. It helps make sure your don't forget what you do know and learn some more "nuanced" details that might have been overlooked in the first go around. That is why I've chosen to take the month of December and practice flourishing again. I don't do it everyday, but making a deliberate choice to do it for a season gets me back into it very quickly. So, the point is...that no matter what area of art you are working on, don't forget the areas where you're the most passionate in pursuit of some new thing. It is good to focus on what you do best and carefully add new skills to your repertoire.

The reason I am going on and on about this is because there are many students who have sat in my classes with an extreme desire to write with a pointed pen. Those who have stayed the course are the ones who have progressed and mastered the "press / release" technique. But there are others who continue to bounce around from one lettering hand to another. It is a proven fact that if you master one thing, you will gain more confidence than if you try to do too many things at once...mastering none. So there you have it. Just a few more things to try or think about.

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