Monday, April 9, 2012

"Extraneous Detail"


"Focus is the exclusion of extraneous detail in all areas except one." Focus is never easy because we all have a ton of detail in our lives. This visual is just a small reminder to exclude all extraneous detail in order to focus on just one thing.

This pouring medium piece was absent of all detail with just large color blocks making up the image. However, the very minute that I added detail to the circular space, the piece had a focal point and hence the quote. This is a very important design tip. So whenever you have ambiguous color that has no sense of direction...just remember to add some detail to one area. If you try to add detail to other areas, the impact is lost. When you go into a large building and you see a logo or writing in just one area of a large expanse of stone, where does your eye go to? Of course, it's the writing. In art, it is very important to understand how a viewer perceives visual imformation. Be a good editor and resist the urge to place pattern everywhere. It ruins the impact.

Also, a few pointers on stamping and printing imagery. If you want your stamping to integrate nicely into your piece, try using Speedball Printing Ink (water soluble) so that you can mix the right color. Stamp pads will look "cheesy" because they are not always dense in color or it's not the right color. Another tip when using commercial stamps, don't print the entire image. For instance, in this piece I printed a portion of the stamp and some of it printed into the surrounding area. Because Speedball Printing Ink is water soluble, you can simply wash off or diminish with a damp paper towel any part of the image you want to remove. You can clearly see where I have softened some of the lines in this stamp.

It seems like I learn something everyday about design and you will too...if you don't get discouraged and give up. Just keep going and think about all of these things.

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