Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Rich Conversation" (sold)


"Rich conversation between friends produces a wealth of satisfaction." After looking up the word satisfaction, I knew it completely described the conversations I've had with many dear friends. There are several "nuanced" meanings, but the one I like the most is..."nothing left to be desired." Interestingly enough, it is a word that also refers to Christ's atonement..."a thing that settles an obligation or pays a debt." Either way, it is a deeply satisfying word.

Besides the colors used in the pouring medium, my good fortune in this piece was being able to crop it in such a way as to have white in all four corners. And of course, the lettering makes another connection with the white. It is so true that artwork is all about connections and repetition is the best principle of design to use to create those connections.

However, it is also true that an artist can have repetition and connections without having a cohesive piece. And one of the best ways to have cohesiveness is to keep the main thing the main thing. If two main concepts are introduced in the same piece and both given equal attention it's like two people having a conversation by both talking at the same time. It is chaotic and no one knows what either person is saying.

So if you look at your piece and and your internal voice tells you that something isn't quite right, try looking at your main image and seeing if something is competing for attention. By making a value adjustment, you will more than likely resolve the problem. Just a few more things to think about.

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