Saturday, April 14, 2012



"Write it down and be healed." Journaling has been around a long time and there are numerous testimonials advocating its benefits. I can personally testify to the benefits of writing my thoughts down which explains my compelling need to do what I'm doing. It's worth your time.

This is the second piece in a quartet of pieces I'm doing in black, white, and grays pertaining to inkwells and writing. If you haven't worked on a series of pieces I would encourage you to try it as a means of exploring one topic from several different design viewpoints.

I began this piece by laying down gesso on a blank sheet of Arches Text Wove. When I had covered my paper, I poured the remaining gesso in the middle of all the other gesso and then began to remove parts of it with a credit card which created the large circular shape. I knew I wanted to introduce a bit of color and this seemed like a good thing to do.

The remaining layers were alternations between rolling on Speedball Printing Ink with a brayer, spraying with Acrylic Coating, applying soft pastels, and printing the word "ink". This "ink" stamp was one I cut several years ago out of linoleum. I also randomly printed the white printing ink along two sides of the design space to create a semi-frame for the circular shape. It's all about design. Just a few more things to think about.


  1. I do like where you're going with these. The neutrals are quite intriguing! I especially like the chunky "ink". Keep up the great work! ~s

  2. I like this one, especially that "ink"! Very nice!