Friday, April 13, 2012



"An inkwell is a reminder of unwritten thoughts." This new addition to my inkwell collection is from the 1800's. And with the takeover of technology, it is a beautiful reminder of the handwritten thoughts that reveal our personality. There are still some things that computers cannot do!

In mixed media, timing and planning ahead are key. The silver leaf square was the first thing that was adhered to a blank sheet of Arches Text Wove. I brushed Gel Matte Medium in a freely formed square and then placed silver leaf (the kind with an easy release backing...available at Michaels) over the gel. It is best to brayer over it with lots of pressure for good adhesion. Let it dry overnight. Failure to give it sufficient drying time will result in the leaf moving around and tearing in places when you go to the next step of your process.

I printed my inkwell onto transparent tissue (check paper sources that carry exotic Japanese and Chinese papers. This one is gampi) Brush gel matte medium over the silver leaf and adhere the image. Dry thoroughly with hair dryer.

The remainder of the steps were accomplished with gesso, a brayer, and Speedball Printing Ink. This was an experiment in black, white, and gray with contrasts of shiny silver vs. tarnished silver in the image and the black, white, and gray in the background. A renown interior designer inspired me to try it as I was reading what she had to say about black and white. The beauty of it is that you can get away with using lots of complex patterns and texture. The black and white values tie them all together beautifully. Just a few more things to think about.

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  1. This is lovely. You are building up quite a collection! Thanks for detailing your process, it's always interesting to read about how you create your artwork.