Thursday, April 5, 2012

"A New Dynamic"

( the permanent collection of dee day)

"Combining two diverse elements creates a new dynamic." There is nothing quite as powerful in art or interior design as combining two diverse elements. For instance, throwing a cowhide on the floor in a contemporary setting can actually make it a more dynamic space. Be bold and try combining diverse elements. You'll will be stunned at the "dynamic" it creates.

Having an analytical mind causes me great "angst" at times, but it has proven to be a good friend when it comes to analyzing why things work in design. In the case of this piece, I knew I needed a strong focal point to fit in with what was going on in the pouring medium. My decision to have a sharp contrast by introducing hard edges was good, but I created another important contrast by choosing something from the 17th century (old Spanish choir book) and combining it with very contemporary abstraction and techniques. Some of the colors, erratic lines, and pencil writing can be seen through the tissue paper which truly helps to marry it to the supporting role of the background.

More decisions were made by tearing the piece of tissue paper to form a negative white shape in the lower right hand corner which balances out what is going on in the other (3) corners. They are all different and trust me when I tell you that paying attention to the corners makes for a much more dynamic piece and will keep the viewer engaged in your piece. If you want to compete with all of the visual imagery that bombards us all on a daily basis, you must pay attention to these kind of details. Otherwise, your artwork will simply fade into the wall and no one will notice. Just a few more things to think about.

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