Monday, April 23, 2012



"Inscribe great thoughts on the vellum of your mind." This is a wonderful thought to begin the week. Thinking great thoughts precedes doing great things.

Black and white plus silver and grays will always have appeal. Black is a fabulous grounding color and gives weight and presence to any room. And if you must have color, just the addition of one other color will work with this combination every time it's tried.

The underpinnings of this piece begin with white gesso and then texture is added by creating gestural marks or writing with the corner of an old credit card, stylus, or any other pointed object. After the gesso dries and the black printing ink is applied with a brayer (over the entire surface), you will be able to see where the best textures are and then crop accordingly. It is extremely wise to not place the image in the center. If you divide the piece into thirds both horizontally and vertically, you can have an idea of where to place your focal point. Any place where the imaginary division lines intersect would be a good option.

You can clearly see that the black, white, and silver shapes do form other shapes which give the piece cohesion. Remember that paintings are made up of shapes. A piece can fall apart when this concept is not clearly understood. Just a few more things to think about.

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