Friday, April 27, 2012

"Glorious Thoughts"


"Glorious thoughts billow into a continuum when the negative is disallowed." I have observed that negative thoughts will stop creative thinking in a heartbeat. We should all stay focused on thoughts that will help us progress and move us forward.

One of the techniques of blocking negative thoughts about our ability to create on any level is to impose a deadline. I have noticed that this is a trend even on some of the popular reality shows where the participants are cooking food, designing clothes, designing a room, etc. It's the deadline that forces a person's internal critic to shut down.

I have mentioned this from time to time, but now that I am on my 412th posting, I can give you even more positive data. Daily blogging, especially when other things are pressing in on my time, has resulted in most of my breakthroughs. In a nutshell, there is not time for thoughts that don't contribute to the goal. I've learned to act quickly, precisely, and not second guess myself. By working in this fashion, new ways of working have automatically happened out of pure necessity. (Reminds me of another quote I read....Necessity is the mother of invention.")  By the way, I have been in a glass fusing class from last Saturday through Tuesday, and then left for Houston on Wednesday morning where I am presently posting.  The pieces from the last three days were completed in record time on Tuesday evening and early Wednesday morning.

In the piece today, I would not have automatically reached for a bottle of premixed raspberry pouring medium, but without hesitation, I poured it into the mix and it looks fabulous with the burnt sienna color. So my advice is to push yourself into a strategy of some kind that forces you to create with the pressure of a time constraint. You will be stunned at your progress. Just a few more things to think about.

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  1. Congrats, my friend, you not only are keeping to the blog you are becoming a marathon artist! Way to go! ~s