Friday, April 20, 2012

"Timeless Setting"


"Tarnished silver creates a timeless setting." In the hectic age we live in, it is calming to surround ourselves with cherished and timeless objects. Tarnished silver pieces are the rage now and can be purchased at flea markets and antique stores for a fraction of the cost of new pieces. It is a way of adding some nostalgia to your space.

In trying to achieve a look of tarnished silver, I turned to silver leaf. It is difficult to realize the full impact of the look on a computer screen, but the original is very rich. I began this piece with a blank piece of Arches Text Wove (larger than a 6 x 6) by laying down some white gesso with an old credit card. The reason for using the credit card is to remove portions of the gesso in some places and allowing it to create a ridge or line in others. This happens automatically as you scrape the card across the gesso. The gestural marks were incised into the gesso with the corner of the card.

After all that was dried, I applied Black Speedball Printing Ink with a brayer. Let that dry and then with a wet brush soften some of the edges and blot with a kleenex to create some grays. The silver leaf was adhered to the surface with Golden Gel Matte Medium straight from the jar. Apply the silver with a lot of pressure and then allow to dry overnight.

The remaining layers were a combination of Clear Gesso, Charcoal Powder, Gouache, Soft Pastels, Commercial Stamp, Black and White Printing Ink, and Rubbing Alcohol. Using black, white, grays, and one other color is a great way to practice your design skills and create some contemporary art. So these are just a few more things to think about.

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  1. This is stunning! I enjoyed reading about your process, too. Thank you for the inspiration.