Saturday, May 26, 2012


($40.00.....6" x 6".....mounted on a 1/8" depth clayboard panel)

"Process is the breath of creativity." It is absolutely true that process is the name of the game in the art world. Without process, nothing happens. Whether the art work is accomplished is directly related to the quality of the process.

This is an unusual piece and not the type I typically create. I began by applying gesso over a sheet of Arches Text Wove and adding texture with drips, blobs, and gestural marks. This was left overnight to dry. (You can drive yourself crazy trying to dry those thicker areas of gesso with a hairdryer.  It's worse than watching paint dry!))

This morning as I was looking through my writing pad, I noticed the orange circles that a container of gouache had made on my practice sheet. All of a sudden I had the brilliant idea of printing this bit on silk tissue paper. I then searched for several other bits of practice with all kinds of scratching, brush marks, testing my pen, etc. After printing them on tissue paper, I overlaid them one by one and adhered them with gel matte medium right out of the jar. And the paper is so thin that you can see everything underneath each layer. The obvious selection for a quote was to write one about process.

I was actually surprised at how well it turned out. It's very graphic and very contemporary looking from across the room. There was no need to color the gesso so I left it in its original state with just a touch of soft pastel at the bottom. I guess the moral of this posting is not to throw away any of your scribbles and bits as you work. They could become your next piece of art work. Just a few more things to think about.

Please contact me personally to inquire about this piece.

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