Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Speed of Time"


"The speed of time is quite dependent on what you're doing." Have you noticed how time flies with the speed of light when you're doing something you enjoy, yet when you are doing something that you hate, time can be as slow as molasses. So if time is flying by in your life, it could be you're having a fabulous time!

Introducing a bit of color in a black, white, and gray environment can give a subtle power punch to the piece. In this piece, I began with white gesso, followed by texturizing with gestural marks. The color was introduced by applying acrylic paint in a vertical band over the gesso with a brayer. After that dried, I applied the silver leaf over gel matte medium straight from the jar. Use another brayer to roll over the silver leaf. If none of it comes up to reveal the color underneath, simply brush a bit of gel matte medium on the brayer, then roll it over the silver leaf and it will pick up some of the leaf.

After completing this part, there may be some of the color showing beyond the silver leaf. Apply some more gesso over that color to keep the color contained underneath the silver leaf. Then apply some black Speedball Printing Ink with a brayer over all of the white gesso. Dry with a hair dryer and soften the edges with water and blot with a kleenex to achieve the gray areas. Keeping color located in one area or shape is the essence of editing. Color always pops in a neutral environment and it is even more powerful if it is confined. In this case, less is definitely more. Just a few more things to think about.

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