Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Truth and Reality"


"Truth and reality merging together create an environment for change." Reality is a difficult thing to face at times, but the truth always equalizes the equation.

This is a 5" x 5" piece and I chose this size because there is often a piece left over from all the pouring medium I do that I particularly like, but there may not be enough to create a 6" x 6". So if you have already discovered the marvelous benefits of cropping, don't forget that clayboards also come in these smaller sizes. These pieces are perfect to sit on an easel in a book case or coffee table.

The black in the bottom right hand corner was my starting point for considering placement of lettering and the one collage element. This is the time to pull out the removable tape and place the collage piece in several places before committing. As it turned out, the upper left hand corner was the perfect spot and it balances out the black in the opposing diagonal corner. And if you take a few minutes to ask why this might be so, you will have a bit more design information under your belt.

After adhering the tissue paper collage (gampi tissue) with gel matte medium (applied to the support, not the paper), I then knew exactly where to place the lettering. You can see that it connects the collage piece to the black color block, creating a connection between the two and also creating another strong division of space. It is often helpful to know how someone else arrives at design decisions so these are just a few more things to think about.

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