Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Empty Ink Bottle" (unavailable)


"An empty ink bottle could mean that nothing more needs to be written or said." We have all been in situations where we tried everything to get a person or circumstance to change. At that point, reality is the task master. Facing reality is difficult, especially when the ink bottle is empty. It's a metaphor with an implied conclusion that reality is a friend.

Yesterday's quote was "Wishing will not create growth". Today's quote is just another nail in the coffin of "wishful thinking". For instance, we have all taken workshops that we paid lots of money for and then life gets in the way while that information gathers dust. A happy day is around the corner when the reality of that sinks in. The bottom line is that if practicing a skill is not part of your daily life, then don't be surprised if your ink bottle runs dry.

Last week I took a workshop which is why I am probably thinking about growth, skill levels, etc. It was an oil painting workshop and my skill level in that medium is at square one. But one of the things we did was paint still lifes with a strong light on the set up. The last thing we painted in each of those little "treasures" (tongue in cheek) was to add the highlights on the objects with the strong light. I was amazed at how such a little stroke of the brush could add so much. We referred to it as "bling" in the class. My point is that when working in mixed media with a dark background, white lettering and lines become the bling. Anything you do that creates that stark contrast could be considered the "bling" in mixed media. Be bold and step up the contrasts. Just something to think about.

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