Tuesday, January 24, 2012


($40.00....6" x 6" mounted on a 1/8" depth clayboard panel)

"Solitude is where discussions with yourself take place." Having a good talk with yourself is a rare thing these days, but I expect that it would change the world if everyone engaged in this type of solitude.

This piece is an experiment with Pouring Medium "to the max". There are three layers of pouring medium with layers of flourishing and lettering in between and ending with stamping and the final lettering.

Obviously, very little color was added to the medium to keep it translucent. I added Titan Buff to the first layer of medium and Raw Umber to the second layer, and a bit of Titanium White to the third layer. With each additional layer, it became harder to write on and I would not recommend it for the faint of heart. An extremely light touch is required. It is similar to writing on encaustic wax.

Of course, the lettering had to be sprayed with acrylic coating with each layer and the pouring medium had to be prepared to receive the lettering. All in all I like the look. It resembles vellum and also encaustic wax. Just something else to think about.

Please contact me personally to inquire about this piece.

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  1. Beautiful , Dee! Does the triple layer of medium have an encaustic look at all?

    So much work goes into each of your pieces, your ability to produce so many is amazing!