Saturday, January 7, 2012

"A Warm Welcome"


"Behind every Texas star is a warm welcome." It's been a little while, but the Texan in me doesn't stay submerged for very long. So here it is...another Texas piece to make you feel proud today. What a way to begin a Saturday!

If you look closely at this photo, you will see multiple stars in the background. The image is actually a round metal candle holder with a little door that allows the candle to be placed inside. The entire piece looks deceptively simple and it is in one respect. However, there are several layers of technique happening.

Before printing the image on Arches Text Wove, I drew some erractic pencil lines from edge to edge with a few words written here and there. That would be layer one. Layer two is the actual printing of the image on a laser printer followed by spraying the image (3x) with Spray Acrylic Coating. The photo then needs to be cut and mounted on a 1/8" depth clayboard panel and set under a heavy book or rock to dry overnight.

The next layer (3) is covering the entire piece with slightly diluted gesso applied with a sponge brush. Immediately pick the piece up and spray with water, removing as much of the gesso as you like to reveal the image. Dry. Layer (4) is dipping a stiff brush into rubbing alcohol and removing some of the white gesso along the edge to create more texture. Layer (5) is brushing charcoal powder along the edge and corners until satisfied. (Leave some of the white to connect with the white lettering.)  Spray again with acrylic spray coating once to secure the charcoal powder. Apply (3) coats of diluted gel matte medium to prepare surface for lettering.

Layer (6) is the lettering. Spray again with Acrylic Spray Coating and allow to cure for a few days. Final spray is with Varnish specific to oils and acrylics. And that's how it's done! Just a few more things to try or think about.

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