Monday, January 2, 2012

"Ink Stains" (sold)

($40.00......6" x 6"......mounted on a gessobord)

"Some of the ink stains on my heart need gesso." Gesso covers up things. It is to the fine artist what "Kilz" is to the house painter. Comparing negative things that have happened to ink stains of the heart is a powerful image, but the good news is that positive, life giving thoughts of faith and hope are like the gesso that enable us to be free.

This piece, as you can see, began with a photograph printed on Arches Text Wove of two ink bottles in a window. This is a terribly addicting and creative process because it did not stop with the photo. But it did create a beautiful way to allow the piece to evolve into the inclusion of other mixed media techniques. Let me reiterate that the photo needs to be mounted on the gesso panel (Ampersand product) and sprayed (3x) with Spray Acrylic Coating. This will prepare the surface to receive gesso.

I diluted the gesso a bit with water and brushed it over the entire image with a sponge brush. It then needs to be sprayed immediately with water to remove as much of the gesso as you wish. It is then ready to be dried with a hair dryer. All of the black lines and lettering were then applied followed by brushing on some Charcoal Powder with a Hake brush. Collage elements were also added. I might add that collage works well if you only add enough of it to make the piece convincing. If too much is added, then it looks contrived.

Finally, I sprayed the piece again with Acrylic Spray Coating followed by an application of gel matte medium diluted with water. (Use hair dryer on the piece as you apply the medium...otherwise it will not attach.)

White lettering and lines were added and the piece was finished. Note that I used the lines to casually frame both ink bottles. And that gives you a few more things to try or think about.


  1. I like the "grunge look" of this piece. Cool!

  2. A beautiful piece. Your words and your explanations are as wonderful as the pieces themselves. Happy New year, Dee!