Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Encouraging Words"


"Soften the hard edges of life with encouraging words." With so many choices of words available, it is a shame that any of us would choose words with a hard edge. Perhaps this can be another New Year's Resolution. Always speak encouraging words.

This image was photographed in Buck Hill Studio where I do part of my work. It is a compelling image because of the lettering on the pillows which brings me to the point that if you have unique images like this in your home, it could be a wonderful way to repeat it in your artwork and display it in the same location.

There are other reasons to photograph certain types of imagery. Some images just lend themselves to particular techniques. Anything old looking with lettering on it or images that provide a logical place to use a bit of collage with lettering are all good choices. My personal aesthetic is to use images that take up a lot of the design space. But that is only the way I feel today. Tomorrow, I might have something small. So the fun of this process is to play around with all kinds of imagery and quotes and create many little (or big) masterpieces that you have connected with emotionally. So maybe you might be inspired to get out your digital camera and shoot! Just a few more things to try or think about.

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