Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Hope Rings Out" (unavailable)


"Hope rings out in an atmosphere of prayer." A bell ringing has always caused me to stop and listen. It indicates that something significant is happening. That's the possibility of continual prayer. It stirs up hope in the midst of all kinds of circumstances.

This very simple image taken in Santa Fe had very little detail. To make the dark area surrounding the bell a bit more interesting, I prepared the paper with some random placement of Golden Crackle Paste, using a palette knife. It cannot be applied too thick since the paper will need to go through the printer after it's dried.

Walnut Ink was applied very lightly after the paste dried and then the image was printed. I was a bit disappointed because none of the paste was visible...until I applied some gesso. The application was done with two sponge brushes. One to apply the gesso. The other to apply water and remove enough to see the image. (Remember the print must be sprayed with spray acrylic coating (3x) before applying gesso.)

I chose to leave the lettering a bit "splotchy" because I think it's more artistic looking and adds character and texture. Notice how the surround around the bell tower frames the bell by the way the photo was cropped. Part of the sky showing through a window at the bottom also provided depth and several more interesting shapes. These small details are worth your attention when photographing. This would also be a very interesting painting with all kinds of texture possibilities. Just something else to try or think about.

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  1. I really like this one, and the choice of lettering style is wonderful! As always, thanks for sharing.