Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Ink and Words" (sold)


"Ink and words swirling together bring comfort as they go from heart to paper." Journaling has been revived and brought to new artistic levels. My own personal experiences have definitely shown me that writing my thoughts and prayers with pen and ink (not computer) seems to bring me special comfort because it really does have a way of going from heart to paper...often with tears.

This very abstract piece of swirling color was created on wet paper with Liquitex Pouring Medium and Fluid Acrylics. Adding more water to the medium will yield more diffused edges and this piece has a combination of both. It continues to be one of the most satisfying techniques I've tried. There is something about watching color mingle together that transports me to a different place. My number one piece of advice is to have your surface covered and wear gloves. This is an extremely messy process, but well worth the effort.

In a "nutshell", I will give you the steps once again, although it really helps to watch someone else do it first. Cut or tear a manageable piece of at least 140lb. weight of watercolor paper. Mix your colors up on disposable foam plates with a ratio of 8:1 or 16:1 with medium being the high number. Run paper under a faucet on both sides. Lay it down on glass or some other protected surface. Choose one of your colors and pour across the paper creating one stripe. Add another color next to that one and then again with the third color. Pick up the paper by opposite corners and begin to tilt and move the color around. If the color stops moving, spray with a water bottle. You can also use shaper tools or combs to create patterns...much like marbling. When satisfied with the pour, lay it on wax paper to dry. It will stick to anything else and your piece will be ruined. The last step is to prepare for lettering...refer to other postings for info. Just another thing to try or think about.


  1. I like it! The brown, teal and white are great together and your quote is so true!

  2. Yummy! Thanks for the tutorial. Your words and images always seem to match up perfectly. I love the symbiosis.